Fragments of Reality

Daily Entries of Lived Life

Fragments of Reality is a Zen-like modern version of insights that Bankei, Huang Po and others have said from ancient times.

Kajander uses Ramana Maharshi’s Who am I –method to enquire into the inner world and secrets of the mind. The discoveries invite to observe and consider one’s life and its meaning.

His writing conveys a clear sense of enlightenment.

It’s an unassuming book. It didn’t try to direct me; yet it reinforced my life decisions from within. The book’s wisdom is based on Petri’s insights into the universal, which makes it accessible to anyone.
It is like an exploration of the world that Eckhart Tolle describes, but in unpretentious cameos. The book gives one reflection tools for the heroic struggle to stay on the tightrope of the present in the day to day.
Etsko Schuitema


This book is an insight into a period in my life that was very intense. Each evening, I wrote about the day’s experiences and insights. My daily life was the raw material for the thoughts and extended understanding that followed. Maybe it is worthwhile to remark that from the beginning, this diary format was meant for a larger audience. Therefore, I have not written about the circumstances or situations that led to these writings. They are not relevant in this context, but I can assure you that this period was definitely a rough ride—a lot happened, and not all of it was pleasant or joyous. On the other hand, I seriously doubt that these writings would have the same feeling and depth without the rich raw material of volatile and dynamic daily experiences.

The writings have been sorted under a few titles to make them easier to read. I feel it is important to let the text speak for itself and transmit the ideas as genuinely as possible. Since the material for this book was written within a relatively short period of time, the various topics are partly interlinked and also implicitly referred to, but it is not necessary to follow the suggested order.

This was my exploration for the harmony and tranquility that await everyone. They are with us at all times—we just have to reach for them. There is no better time to start than right now. The busier your life is, the better your chances to experience and explore the opportunities. Internal harmony is not dependent on situations. My insights were gathered from busy daily activities filled with meetings, traveling, conferences, and social functions. Life is always an adventure, and it is not about external circumstances but internal experiences.

Inspiring moments!

Petri Kajander
September 29, 2005
New York

A video version of the AirChat room Who Am I from 2023

Reader comments

I am loving this book. It is plain and simple talk about life. The chapters are short and highly insightful about how I live my life. I find it fantastic that someone could have written a book that brings into modern terms what Ramana Maharshi, Huang Po, Bankei, and others have said from ancient times. While I would classify this book as spirituality, it integrates so fundamentally with the process of living I cannot imagine classifying it separately from life itself.

This book clearly communicates how my mind works, and the games it plays. Because of this, it has brought me great joy and made possible ways of transcending my old ways of living and behaving. This is one of the most important books I have read in recent history!
Ben Ames
This is spiritual literature in trainers, rather than boots, dumping concepts, structure and mediation of other beings in order to travel lightly. As such it prefigures the spirituality of the future.
Suzanne Rough
..wonderful discovery journey to the unknown that waits to be found in us, poetic self-realizations that delight the heart and mind.
Marjaana B
Fragments of Reality reveals the puzzling pieces of life and makes you question everything you’ve learned so far. A must reading for everyone who feels there’s something more in this life but haven’t got the answer what it is
Tung Bui
I think that Petri Kajander has done a good job in expressing the deeper and most meaningful aspects of life in a simple and accessible way. Sharing his own deep experience in bringing the essence of meaning into everyday living.
‘Daily Entries’ can be used for either simple reflection or as a framework for serious discussion.
John B
I find the book is filled with practical insight…It is not one I would read as a novel but one that I would use to reflect on different concepts that resonate with me at the time…The book inspires ideas and methods that one can experiment with in daily life and help improve the quality of living.
Megan Baierski
Fragments of Reality is a really great summary of wisdom; one would need to read several books to grasp the same amount of information. Furthermore, its immediate applicability to daily life makes the book worthwhile reading.
Bernie Pilgram
Il suffit d’ouvrir la premiere page pour ne plus pouvoir fermer ce livre transcendant! En effet l’auteur a su allier simplicite et profondeur ainsi la philosophie qui en ressort n’en est que plus facile a lire et aisee a comprendre! Petri Kajander casse nos habitudes pour nous faire comprendre que l’etre humain n’est pas un sujet immobile mais bien un etre de mouvance, etat necessaire a son evolution vers une vie epanouie malgre toutes les barrieres modernes qui s’opposent a nous. Plonger dans ce livre est une descente a l’originel qui nous montre et nous demontre combien l’homme est fascinant mais vulnerable. En lisant Kajander vous remettrez vos pendules a l’heure! Et c’est bon!
Vandenbussche “Hadita”
I recommend this book. It is full of clear descriptions of deep and often misunderstood concepts.
Paul David Walker
Fragments of Reality brings into light from different angles what is often beyond our automatic and self-evident thought patterns. The book offers valuable insights to life and to more harmonous existence, connecting these in a practical way to our modern-day living.
Ossi Schröder
There are many external pressures that provoke internal conflict. For example, pressure to spend time travelling to meetings, rather than travelling to places that are of interest to us; pressure to focus on short-term targets rather than long-term goals; etc. Peter Kajander’s writing offers a variety of insights into how we may resolve internal conflicts brought about by external pressures.
Dr S. Fox
Although the title of Petri Kajander’s book is Fragments of Reality it offers a comprehensive view of life. Reader can reflect his own values and experiences against Kajander’s considerations, emotions and analysis and it is very rewarding. For instance, business, morale, and philosophy are not separate themes. They should go together.
Matti Salimäki
It is rare that you can read a book that helps you step back from the daily grind and realize what is of true value in life. Petri manages to capture a sense of awe and wonder in the world that is sadly missing today….
Brett King
This is a concise, well written anthology of various topics about life, ethics and reason. Most is light, quick and easy reading with much wisdom of impact for a common sense approach to philosophically living each day and moment. In my opinion, well worth the time to read and re-read.
Fragments of Reality provides one with a collage of insights written from the point of view of a person who has committed to live in the present. It has the feel of journal of a journey to a foreign yet very familiar place: the present. In doing this, Petri Kajander has made a significant contribution with this text. It is like an exploration of the world that Eckhart Tolle describes, but in unpretentious cameos.

The fragments of insight are bite sized, which makes the book an ideal bedside companion that provides perspective for ones own reflection. The book gives one reflection tools for the heroic struggle to stay on the tightrope of the present in the day to day.
Etsko Schuitema
Kajanderin todellisuustulkinta ja havainnointi välähtää usein kirkkaana ja tuottaa ihania oivalluksia – myös lukijan päässä. Niitä voi jäädä makustelemaan pitkäksikin aikaa. Myös siihen Kajander antaa mahdollisuuksia ja heittää usein otteiden sekaan vaativia kysymyksiä, pohdintapähkinöitä, jotka joskus voivat kyllä olla elämän kokoisia kookoksia.

…aika on vienyt Suomesta suuret ajattelijat Georg Henrik von Wrightin ja Sven Krohnin. Olen odottanut pitkään, että joitain päitä, jotka ovat käyneet syvällä, nousisi meidänkin pinnallisen vellomisemme yläpuolelle. Otteita todellisuudesta osoittaa, että toivoa on. (Minä Olen -lehden 03/2006 kirja-arvostelu)
Mauri Lehtovirta

Fragments of Reality

Daily Entries of Lived Life