August 12, 2004

Actors monitor their performances by watching the dailies.
The best dailies are watched by no one We just live them.

We would learn so much by being able to watch our own
dailies each evening. Weekly review, not even yearly or
decadewide appraisal, would be sufficient. Most of the time
we are so busy, so occupied with something to do.

The TV is on, the radio at least. If we have a free moment,
we catch up on the unread papers or magazines. While we
await the next meeting or appointment, we spend our few
spare moments talking to someone on the cell phone. We
have got nothing to do at home? Start cleaning. Arrange your
record collection. Go for a coffee. Never stop. Fill your life
with action and noise.

Feel important. Feel loved. Feel experienced. Feel busy.
Feel balanced. Feel secure. Feel happy.

What happens if we stop? Can we stop? Most of our lives
we are hiding, escaping, filling the blanks by occupying our-
selves. Refusing to face ourself. We look for easy fixes.

We’re after feeling good. We’re after happiness. The prob-
lem is that our perception of happiness changes the minute
we achieve what we were after. Our object of desire and hap-
piness shifts from item to item, never stopping. We’re like
hamsters in the wheel—until we decide to step out of it.To
do that, we need to see the dailies first. Not many of us have
found those. They are hidden to the world we know nothing
about. They are too close to us. We just live them by spinning
the wheel.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.