September 21, 2004

“When you talk, you only say something that you already know;
when you listen, you learn what someone else knows.”


This quote applies to our mind as well. Usually we are busy
thinking and processing something. Our mind is like a rail-
way station—thoughts coming or going at all times. Actually
they cannot stop. They only come and go. If we are packed
with existing concepts and ideas, how could we expect to get
new ideas and experience something fresh?

Mindlessness is a state where our mind keeps still. It is not
a passive state. On the contrary; it is a state where we are
active and receptive to something new. Mindlessness is about
clearing the mind from old thoughts and concepts and mak-
ing space for something unknown and fresh. The unknown
does not come with loud noise and force. It is a quiet visitor
that avoids brutal action. It makes room for more harsh
forms. Therefore, one cannot order it to come—it comes
when it is appropriate for it to appear. Mindlessness is a
dynamic state that happens in now time. It cannot be stored
or reproduced for further usage. It cannot be restored. We
have to come to it—to prepare ourselves for it.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.