January 16, 2005

Everything we see, have, are, and live within is based on two
structures: the substance (i.e., the essence) and its representa-
tion (manifestation). The appearance is the structure that is
easy to comprehend and is the only truth existing for the

Only the wise can separate the representation from the
substance. The ignorant regards the appearance as the essence
and creates more confusion around. Everything has this
twofold existence and, therefore, any act or deed can either be
banal or of essence. It cannot be acknowledged only from the
representation. The paradox is that being able to reproduce
the appearance has nothing to do with the substance—nor
does it have to do with the comprehension. It is easier to
reproduce and arrange the representation than to realize the
substance underneath. However, nothing has any real value
and meaning without the substance.

The substance never has a physical appearance. It can only
be associated with something tangible, but it cannot be cap-
tured by it. For example, what is a wedding ring without love?

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.