My mission is to empower individuals to create an inspiring global humane society based on dignity, voluntary cooperation and respect for individuals.

I help founders to make better decisions in a fast, efficient and fun way that brings new ideas, customers, partners, funding and higher valuations in building successful growth companies at scale.

In a sentence you could call me a business artist – delivering an inspiring and humane future with growth companies.


I’m Petri Kajander, and I’m passionate about building the future with tech companies. Over the years, I have co-founded a few like OptoGaN but worked with and helped many others globally. You may associate me with the Chairman as a Service solution I launched for ambitious entrepreneurs.

As an eternal optimist, I embrace change and get excited about the new opportunities it brings. I surround myself with dedicated and inspiring people who solve complex challenges and build a better future in different walks of life.

My entrepreneurial drive finds me building growth companies  but I also pursue other endeavours. I have discovered the wonders of book writing, translating and publishing. Barefoot running, founding a think tank, a TV-documentary and a movie role have also been crossed off my bucket list.

You can find me living in various locations (Europe so far), reading or writing, enjoying dark chocolate or jazz music. I may also appear in your morning TV-show, weekly magazine or business event.

I have been lucky to meet, work and become friends with many wonderful people. Some of them have been kind enough to say a few words about me (see my View Petri Kajander's profile on LinkedIn).

+358 40 503 1994 / +1 (917) 720-5546
info @ petrikajander.com

Media / Appearances

Seminar: Creative Destruction of the Crisis: New Opportunities for Digital Entrepreneurs (video)
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Seminar: „The unicorn race: reasons why Europe is lagging behind the USA and China”
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Book chapter: Osaava omistaja: Omistamisen tulevaisuus
Article: To the moon and back in crypto, AR/VR, and for real in space
TV: Huomenta Suomi: Enbuske360: Vegaanius
Documentary / TV: Interview in Pelin henki -The Spirit of The Game (MTV3)
Article: Talouselämä: Löytyykö talouskriisin perimmäinen syy hyvinvointivaltiosta?
Article: HS: Gustav von Hertzen
Guest lecture: Talouden yleiset myytit ja virhekäsitykset
Article: HS Sunnuntaidebatti: Tiukkoja ehtoja saneleva rahankeräyslaki on kumottava
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