I’m Petri Kajander, and I’m passionate about building the future with tech companies. Over the years, I have co-founded a few like OptoGaN but worked with and helped many others globally. You may associate me with Chairman as a Service advisory solution for entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives.

As an eternal optimist, I embrace change and get excited about new opportunities it brings. I surround myself with dedicated and inspiring people who solve complex challenges and build better future in different walks of life.

My entrepreneurial drive finds me helping and advising start-ups and corporations but I also pursue my own endeavours. I have discovered wonders of book writing, translating and publishing. Barefoot running, founding a think tank and a TV documentary have also been crossed off my bucket list.

You can find me living in various locations (Europe so far), reading or writing, enjoying dark chocolate or jazz music. I may also appear in your morning TV show, weekly magazine or business event.

I have been lucky to meet, work and become friends with many wonderful people. Some of them have been kind enough to say a few words about me (these and many more in my View Petri Kajander's profile on LinkedIn):

– Petri strives for excellence with all of his heart – with great milestones!
– Petri is bright, well-read, enthusiastic & full of energy and meticulous as a manager.
– Petri is strategy-minded, future-oriented, and collaborative person. He is creative and inspiring. He is capable of creating and maintaining high-calibre networks.

Don’t miss out your chance to talk with me. You can find my contact details below or use the form.

+358 40 503 1994 / +1 (917) 720-5546 / Skype
info @ petrikajander.com