September 16, 2004

You can see it from the outset. Some people have lots of wor-
ries and they have a large weight on their shoulders; they are
almost buried under the burden. Most of us, however, are
somewhere in between. We have some concerns and troubles
that create stress and tension, but we manage with them. Still,
we cannot say that we are entirely free as a bird and inde-
pendent of any worries. Why is that?

Our life is like a freely flowing river. It has a tremendous
energy but while it can flow without any obstacles, we cannot
feel the power. Every one of us has the same amount of
energy in us. What makes us different is the way we use this
energy. If we just let it flow without any obstacles, things are
easy and there are no worries. We are happy and free of any
burdens. We can do tremendous things and share the happi-
ness with other people as well. We radiate and people love to
be around us. For a few, this is the case. The rest of us block
our energy flow and create bigger or smaller obstacles for our-
selves. These barriers are like a dam. It requires static energy
to keep the water blocked. But when the current gets too
strong, the dam gives way.

Our own resistance and denial create these dams. We want
to be in control and turn our life in the direction we desire; we
refuse to live life as it happens. Or even better, we would like
our life to stay still. Our internal dams are the ones that create
the tension and the bad feelings in us. The greater the disrup-
tion, the bigger the amount of energy required to keep things
status quo. This is the burden we feel on our shoulders.
Sometimes our worries are so big that they start to fill our
entire life. We are really depressed. We are disappointed in
our life. Life has not turned out the way we planned it.
Finally, we accept the new situation and move on. We destroy
the dam and let life flow again. We feel free and anything is
possible—for a small while. Then we start to resist again with
small incremental steps.

If we realize that resistance does not solve anything, it only
postpones the inevitable, we could jump out of the cycle. By
purely accepting the undeniable flow of life without any pre-
dictability, we can set ourselves free. We do not have to resist.
We can just let go and take every moment as it comes—with-
out any expectations or reservations. When there is nothing
to wait for, there is nothing to be disappointed in either. No
surprises. Nothing to stress about. No tension or discomfort.
Only pure living, with the rich variety of entirely new
moments and possibilities every moment.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.