Notes for a Serious Practitioner

March 24, 2005

Always concentrate on your state of being-ness, never on the
mode of being.

Don’t try, genuinely be.

Understand you can never be too humble.

Appreciate and be grateful for everything and every single
occasion and situation you’re facing and living through.

Be patient. Always.

Forgive and be kind to yourself. You can never be too graceful.

Never monitor your progress or try to achieve something—
they lead to becoming.

Always acknowledge and be aware of your consciousness. As
long as there is something that sees, hears, thinks, feels, or
senses, there is still something to learn—the quest is not over.

Do not fixate on anything. There are no excuses. Always be
ready to sacrifice everything you have, are, or believe in.
Humbleness and honesty with yourself helps.

Always verify your actions and thoughts by your ethical and
moral standards. Be honest and watch for half-truths and
excuses. Sloppiness is never acceptable.

Only the truth survives.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.