January 23, 2005

In our language death means the opposite of living. Being
alive is to live, create, explore, and experience. Death is some-
thing where nothing is moving and everything stays still, a
total freeze or a complete stop. It is something where nothing
new is developed nor does anything change; death is simply a
state where nothing is created anymore.

In order to be truly alive, one should be familiar with
death. What does it mean not to be alive? Not to create,
explore, and experience? Stay still, hold back, freeze the situa-
tion, and maintain the status quo? Resist movement or

How can we be sure that we are not already dead? To put it
differently, are we really experiencing, continuously creating
and exploring something new? We are not eager to explore
and break the boundaries. We are not so excited about any-
thing new and unknown happening. We’d rather not rock the
boat and stay still and lie low. We are uncomfortable with
change and prefer the current situation, no matter how bad or

Change happens very slowly in the physical world. Drastic
renewal takes decades or generations rather than weeks or
years. Our mind is quick to draw scenarios and imagine
things, but real implementation of visible action takes
decades, if not centuries. We drag our history with us. We are
conservative and changing only with force. Someone who
does something only when under external pressure is not cre-
ating. Where is the freedom and joy of exploration? To put it
in brief—we are dead.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.