September 15, 2004

Our world is based on dualities comprising items in time and
space. In other words, our life happens by and around physi-
cal concepts and things. This material preference is prevailing
and very carefully reflected in our mind as well.

All the important issues are formless. Joy, happiness, wis-
dom, knowledge, beauty, and love, to name a few. Plato intro-
duced us to the ancient wisdom of forms or ideas. He spoke
about pure ideal concepts that are perfect. For example, an
ideal concept of horse is something that is never entirely cap-
tured in the physical horses. Still, we can realize the ideal con-
cept of a horse by observing the variety of horses around us.
How do we think? We create images. These conceptual
items are not from the ideal world but consist of our experi-
ences. We can reconstruct something that we already know.
Our mind is used to creating physical forms. What happens
when we try to squeeze a formless concept into a material

It is the same as taking a photo—a snapshot of real life. A
photo is never the real thing. It does not smell or taste or can-
not be by any means compared to the real thing. Still, this is
the way our mind works. It takes snapshots over and over
again and tries to imitate the formless and eternal, perfect,
concepts. We chase these ideas by using physical things and
items as if they were the formless perfect concepts. Our mind
transfers the ideal concepts into physical objects and does its
best to give us the illusion of the real thing. And we are
lured—all the way. But every time we have “consumed” these
mind creations, we are not satisfied. We realize that they are
not the entire truth. We long for the real thing—and off we
go again.

The puzzle can be solved the same way as Plato’s famous
The Allegory of the Cave. One has to realize the real thing and
break free from the chains. We have to set ourselves free from
our mind and its creations. As long as we continue putting
forms to something that cannot have a form, we are living in an
imperfect world, which makes us crave the original concepts.

Formless items cannot be captured in time and space. They
have to be experienced instantly. Over and over again. They
do not bend to the physical existence. They are the real thing,
forever and right now.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.