November 6, 2004

Our life is full of incidents and situations where we are
strongly emotionally attached. These occurrences can have a
significant impact on our behavior. We can feel deeply
involved with something but still have little understanding of
the real drivers and motivation. It is not uncommon that we
even know deep inside that we should act differently than the
way we are acting in practice. Still, there is something in us
that is forcing us to a certain kind of behavior.

Attachment is a sign of fixation and pattern that is deeply
rooted to us. We have a strong standing point in something—
great expectations or emotional affections. These sensations
may not be very logical and sensible to us, but they have a
power to overdrive our cognitive understanding and will.
Some intensive occurrences can make us to feel very confused
and fixed to the current state of being.

Often, we are very hard on ourselves. We expect more
from ourself than we do from others. It is easier to forgive and
give away to other people than forgive ourself. This makes our
life hard and difficult. Our internal contradictions and expec-
tations drive us to hardship and struggle. We blame ourself
and get frustrated when things are not in our control. Strong
emotional feelings are something we have a hard time keep-
ing in control. They can even blind us, causing us to act
against our normal sense and better understanding. Especially
in these cases, it is important to let go and forgive ourself.
Emotional feelings are strong signals of our inner state and,
therefore, should not be missed. We have to take them into
account and overcome them. Our feelings cannot be forced
under our cognitive will. We can only try to understand and
forgive. They are to guide us and let us learn more about our-
selves. Great lessons sometimes require hard methods.
Therefore, forgiveness is very important and necessary. What
we do for others we should also do for ourself—forgive and
start with yourself.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.