January 25, 2005

Life is breathing. It has three different phases—inhalation,
short pause, and exhalation. Internal and external action—
visible and invisible. Active and passive.

Breathing is living. Its intensity varies with scale. Some
breathe faster than others—their perceptions and realizations
are relative to their tempo. Small beings (e.g., cells) have dif-
ferent breathing cycles than large beings (with larger mass),
such as humans, when compared to each other. Still, the rela-
tive cycle is intact. This can be realized only in cross-scale

Life is a realization process (i.e., existence/manifestation)
in time. In other words, life is relative motion where the sub-
ject’s internal frame of reference is relational to its breathing
cycle. A self-conscious being has the potential to experience
various cycles at once (interlinked) and focus within a cycle in
any of the three directions. The subjective intensity remains
constant, but in relation to an external reference frame, signif-
icant relative time adjustments or movements can be experi-

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.