More Precious Than Gold

October 9, 2004

We are used to valuing almost everything in our lives. Our
time and actions as well as the material things surrounding us
are measurable. Our days are spent talking, reading, watching,
and listening. We communicate and exchange information.
Our lives are stuffed with various kinds of data and material.
We are hungry for more information and we never seem to
get enough. Why?

Because it is easy. We are lazy and do not bother to do any-
thing ourselves. We’d rather recycle and consume something
already made. We are even proud of how many details and
how much information we can recollect, store, and process.
Very nice but unfortunate as well. In other words, we do not
create anything new—we recycle.

What is the most scarce and rare resource around us?
Actually it is so common that if we used it even in tiny frac-
tions of its entire potential, things would not be the same
again. Sadly, this seems to be so hard that barely anyone has
the guts to practice it on a continual basis.

Just think.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.