High Stakes

October 28, 2004

Some of us choose a harder route. We want to achieve things
faster this way than it would take on the usual long and less
steep road. This means that we are put into a series of tests
that are progressive in nature. They come in different forms
and shapes. They drive us to our limits and press us hard. We
are offered the easy way out, which means failure, but the real
solutions are usually nowhere to be found and beyond our
personal comprehension. Often, all the circumstances are
against us. This is the harder way.

The rewards are high as well. Our life is very intense and
rich in experiences. Situations may even seem strange to
bystanders. Lucky coincidences and amazing turnarounds
occur. We are not that surprised if we have the inner knowl-
edge of the real issues. Anything is possible and at the end,
things turn out the good way—if we only last to the end. The
choice is ours and we can opt out. But there are a few of us
who have made it all the way—they are the hope for the rest
of us. They are very few in numbers, compared to the total
population and even to the number of people reaching for
higher grounds. But everybody is free to join—the choice is

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.