Life and Meditation

June 2, 2005

Life is eternal harmonious breathing, in and out. Like in
breathing, there are three stages to life: in(halation), balance
(pauses),and out (exhalation).

Life is oscillation in various energy states. Higher ones
contain more intelligence and possibilities than lower ones.
Life is an eternal joy of transformation of oscillation levels.
These previously mentioned three stages include the harmony
within: simply add negative and positive together and these
two create a balance, a harmony that can be merged to the
oneness or divided once again into three components (1+2).
The illusion of isolation and disharmony can be created by
observing only from the point of view of either side of the
duality. No matter how much relative imbalance either of the
sides seems to have, the other counterbalances equal an
amount in the opposite direction: the complete duality set is
always in balance. These are the unbreakable, eternal, conser-
vation laws of physics.

From a four-dimensional point of view, we can describe real-
ity as an endless, interlinked, and multilayered oscillating vortex.
Larger structures include the smaller ones within and the scal-
ing (observation level) is only limited by the observer (which
naturally is part of the observation and not outside of it).

What does all this have to do with meditation? We all have
our own natural oscillation levels. Meditation is a practice
where we try to extend the consciousness or, in other words,
increase the oscillation frequency into a permanently higher
state. Our personality is the resonator or filter that prevents
the energy states going higher permanently. Naturally this is
good in a case where one is not tolerant of a high amount of
energy and hence could be damaged/destroyed by too much
of it. So, meditation is about loosening our seals (or energy
filters/dams) and getting ourselves used to higher oscillation

Why is meditation so difficult? Imagine that every atom
and molecule of your body is oscillating in a certain low fre-
quency. Atoms are moving slowly and it takes a lot of energy
to get them excited. While meditating you increase the
energy flow within your body and try to make yourself vibrate
faster. In the beginning, this is very exhausting and requires a
lot of energy—like getting a ship/truck moving from a stand-
still. It takes less energy to increase the velocity while the
movement is already taking place. Similarly, continuous prac-
tice of meditation makes reaching the previous oscillation
level easier.

Even though the example deals with a “physical” situation,
meditation is purely a mental practice. The practitioner needs
to focus and align the internal energy flows and use this con-
centration for expanding the consciousness. The fewer the
distractions (thoughts and the like),the more united and effi-
cient the results. Finally, the practitioner is capable of realiz-
ing the balance state between/beyond duality and just simply
be—become enlightened.

Reaching the harmonious state means that we have per-
manently (relative term) reached the higher oscillation fre-
quency within the larger context out of which we are a part.
The balance state simply means that the practitioner oscil-
lates the frequency of the larger unity without any of his or
her own counterwaves or disturbing energies. In other words,
the practitioner unites or becomes a drop in the ocean.
Naturally, this larger part is increasing its oscillation level as
well, but in this context the larger part needs the support of
the smaller units to reach its next level. As long as the smaller
parts (or critical mass of them) have not increased their indi-
vidual frequency levels, the larger part cannot increase its
incremental level either. For example, think about either the
cells within your body or humans in the context of a planet.

Everything is in oscillation. Each and every atom is in its
perpetual motion and atoms are never stable and steady, even
though our mind persuades otherwise. Each molecule struc-
ture or form (larger or smaller) has its own vibration frequency.
Remember what an opera singer can do to a wine glass or a
synchronously marching division to a bridge? This is exactly
what meditation is about. Finding the right tune or note,
which you become permanently. Cleansing your thoughts and
controlling your emotions are important for the same reason—
they are vibrating energy as well. Lower oscillation levels pre-
vent you from progressing. Higher frequencies can be created
only by giving them space from the lower ones. And as a
reminder, our bodies are 70 percent water, which stores,
receives, and transmits vibrations very easily. Conservation and
maintaining are always easier than progression.

Just food for thought: What are colors, music, and talk?

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.