September 24, 2004

Time is a great paradox. We are almost never in the time.
Being in the moment is almost nonexistent for us. When do
we have the time?

Time is a concept that has many purposes for us. It enables
us to escape from the current moment. We can either wander
around our past or dream about the future, but still we have to
perform all these activities in the now time. Sometimes time
is precious for us. At other times, we are bored and cannot
wait to skip the moment. Why does time sometimes fly and
at other times crawl?

It seems that we are so busy trying to do something in the
future or worrying about the past that we simply do not have
“time” for the moment. Why do we always have to do some-
thing—can we not just enjoy the moment and take the future
as it comes? How many of us can plan the future and then
implement it as we have figured it out? Is there any bigger
waste of time than worrying or dreaming about things that
might occur but most likely will not happen the way we have

Usually we would prefer to be anywhere but where we are.
This applies to being in the moment as well. We always have
to achieve or gain something. And for those things, we need
time. There is never enough time to do all the things we can
imagine. But do we really have to use all our energy to be like
zombies who are not much present in the current moment?

Only a few human beings can live in the moment. It is easy
to notice these people; they are very intense and present in the
moment. One can get their undivided attention and their
presence is often very penetrating. They are more than
focused—they purely are, fully. Being able to keep this state
every minute, hour, and time of the day requires practice. It
means that we are not busy to worry about the past or plan
the future. We concentrate on every moment as it comes and
appreciate it as if it were to be our last one. And how do you
know that this is not your final day of existence? Would you
use the time some other way than the way you are using it
right now? The challenge is to live every moment as if it is all
we have left. This way, there is no time to be wasted—we only
experience and live intensively.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.