Give Away

September 8, 2004

We are captured in duality. Space and time are our destiny. As
long as we are learning this lesson, we are under the role of
dualism. Life and death, day and night, good and bad. Action
and reaction. Everything we do or think causes a reaction—
and the action has its consequences.

As long as we have meanings and bonds to this dualistic
world, we are going to go through the lessons. But gradually,
very slowly, we are starting to give away. Let it go. We are no
longer carried away by either the positive or the negative
aspect. Nor are we trying to seek the one and avoid the other.
Actually, the whole occurrence becomes irrelevant. It is the
same no matter which way it turns. We grow to acknowledge
and ignore. No great feelings or attachments—just a pure
flow of actions and reactions. Step by step, a bigger part of our
life becomes about giving away—letting it go. And finally we
are free. We have totally given away the duality, and the previ-
ous polarization turns into unity. We have learned the les-
son—to give away.