Time Excuse

May 21, 2005

Our greatest excuse is time. Either we do not have enough of
it or we have too much of it. Still, we can only live now, for-
ever. Future is only an illusion we project based on our experi-
ences and understanding. Past is a regenerated memory and
experience collection we re-produce according to our current
understanding and point of view. All this can only happen
right now. And still they are all only pure image forms—
nothing else.

We continuously fool ourselves. We play this game by say-
ing to ourselves that we will do this or that and gain or
progress in a specific manner in the future. But all this is done
in a way that implicitly says we are currently lacking some-
thing and will do the hard part later. Time is our excuse: “I
need time to develop/study and so on.” This would be fine if
we really would deliver on what we promised. Unfortunately,
we often change our mind along the process. It is more
important (i.e., easier) to be in the constant mode of changing
than actually achieving or being.

We escape the current moment almost all the time. We are
not happy about how we are at the moment and, therefore, we
like to comfort ourselves by saying that this is not the real me
but wait an X amount of time, and I will be this. This game is
endless. Either we crave the past or envision an imaginary
dream world of the future.

When do we have time to actually be? Being requires that
we also see and hear in the moment. It requires unbiased,
objective observation and facing reality as it is, right now. No
bias toward the past or the future—only the bare truth. Have
you ever realized who you really are or appear to be?

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.