October 19, 2004

Inner peace derives from an insight and internal knowledge
and confidence. It is a known fact for the one who has real-
ized it and, therefore, it is also a permanent state of being.
One has to reach for and make a persistent effort to gain it,
but when it has been achieved, no effort is necessary—you
just are tranquil.
Inner peace or tranquility derives from the notion that one
has realized that there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything is
in order and our existence is pure love. In other words, the
realized knows that everything is as it is meant to be and there
is nothing that we are not expected to experience or face. All
circumstances are meaningful (or meaningless). Nothing can
happen to us that would not serve a purpose and be for our
well-being. Life is love and so are we, as well.

Our confusion and distrust results when we are too afraid
and scared to face life. We do not trust that it would support
us. We have too much to lose and too much at stake. We cling
to the reality we know and the perception we have. We freeze
and hang tight to our mind and our concept of the world
because we do not know anything better. Our illusion of
being in control prevents us from being able to give away.
And without totally letting go, we cannot gain the firsthand
experience and knowledge, the internal realized trust. Until
we have surrendered to life 100 percent, we will live in fear
and mistrust. This is the paradox and the ultimate catch-22.

Nothing comes easily, but to realize the inner certainty and
confidence we do not have to do anything. We already are
everything—we only have to realize. We do not need time
and effort per se—only personal insight is required. It cannot
be faked and it cannot be done halfway only. Either you reach
for your goal or you don’t. The good part is that we get better
and gain confidence while we’re progressing. Regular practice
helps us to intensify our realization and every step of the way
we are getting closer. Inner peace is not about achieving or
gaining anything. Therefore, it cannot be claimed but it is
always waiting for us. We need only be prepared and ready for
it—be humble in front of life.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.