Predetermined life

September 19, 2004

We want to be in control. We are not comfortable with
unpredictability. We would prefer to live in a predictable,
ordinary way, without any surprises. This is the underlying
assumption in our behavior.

Predictable, controllable life, however, is an oxymoron. We
hate to change, but on the other hand we long for excitement
and thrills. We want to be positively surprised and experience
something new and unknown. The ordinary life is a routine
we do not like either, and we would prefer to get some excite-
ment, but we want to choose when and the way it occurs—
nothing too extreme and yet still new for us.

Sounds quite complicated? No, it is totally the opposite.
Simply, we are just bored and scared to death. We want to
cling to our perceptions of the world but still get some amuse-
ment when we have had enough of all the sameness. In other
words, we like to live in our own well-thought-out world with
all the nitty-gritty details and relations in nice little boxes and
labels we have defined and predetermined.

Occasionally, we tire of the predetermined perception of
the world and want a peek at the reality. But we do not want
to see too much. It might destroy our sense of security and the
wonderland we have formed in our mind. We are scared and
out of balance when we cannot explain and understand some-
thing new or strange. This is especially the case with negative
issues that happen in our life, whereas positive surprises are
always welcome. We actually would prefer to get them almost
all the time.

I must say that we are quite interesting creatures. We want
to live in our own small sandboxes without any disturbance.
Each person is the king of the hill, as long as he or she does
not have to step down from his or her place on the hill and face
the real world—the great unknown and the stage of all plays.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.