November 7, 2004

Our world consists of atoms and smaller particles, quarks. The
scale does not end here, but all the same, everything is still
energy. Therefore, one can say that we are focused energy states.
Our physical bodies are built on atoms (and other smaller parti-
cles) that are held together by internal forces physics is still dis-
covering. Our existence is based on dynamic and continuous
flow of energy that is focused and organized in a manner that
keeps our structure “stable” over time. Otherwise, our physical
form would not exist from one moment to another and we
would be dissolved around the place.

From one point of view, we are a pure energy structure or
concentration. Everything that happens to us is energy as well,
for example, the sights we see, the sounds we hear, the sensa-
tions we get from hot or cold, pressure, and so on. In other
words, we are a reflector of different energies, no more and no
less, like a mirror that reflects the light directed to it. In our
case, we can also be an active party—not just a microphone
reflecting sound energy (waves) coming its way. Using the
same metaphor, we can also be a loudspeaker and amplifier,
depending on the case. Altogether our existence consists of
energy flows and states that are enclosing and surrounding us.

Our senses are adapted to a certain very limited range of
energy levels. For example, our visual sight is based on receiv-
ing light spectrum from violet (400nm) to red (700nm).This
scale includes the colors of the rainbow. In other words, a cer-
tain very narrow range of light frequencies comprises our vis-
ible world or our seeable reality. Outside of our senses lie most
of the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma and X-
rays, ultraviolet and infrared rays, and radar, to name a few.
These wavelengths are visible to us only by special arrange-
ments. Still they exist and constitute the world around us in
addition to the visible light range. So, how was it: “Seeing is
believing” or “receiving is realizing.”

We as reflectors are capable of receiving a certain type of
energy flow. Our subjective reality is dependent on the senses
we have and their capabilities. How different would our life
be if we had some other spectra to reflect as well? After all,a
reflector is capable of vibrating only in the scale it has been
tuned for. Most of the vibes are beyond our belief and under-
standing—as of today, at least.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.