September 17, 2004

Seldom can we experience silence by chance anymore.
Walkmans, TVs, radio, traffic, and household appliances keep
us company. There isn’t any moment in a day when we would
feel the silence without active effort. It takes a power blackout
to get us even close to the silence. What is it like, the sound of

We fill our life with action. Motion is important; destina-
tion and purpose are secondary. This is the case with silence
as well. We regard it as something unnatural. We are afraid of
the silence—the emptiness. It feels like something is missing
or something is not right.

What happens when we are totally silent? By silence I
mean internal silence—our mind is at rest. Naturally it helps
if there are no external noises either. But when we are focused,
the outside voices disappear to the background. Silence is an
opportunity; it is a chance to experience something new. We
can start to hear the sound of silence. By removing all the
motion and noise one sets the mind free for something else to

Silence can teach us and let us experience something new.
When we experience it more deeply, we start to realize that
emptiness and silence are not totally without anything.
Actually, they are the opposite. But we have to be open-
minded and humble to experience the sound of silence.

This is the original text, and an edited version can be found in the Fragments of Reality -book.