Vicious Circle

August 14, 2006

The economy is based on the productivity of us, the people. If we are taken off the equitation, nothing gets done either. We live by our efforts and abilities. Everything in our society is based on the efforts of someone, and his or her capabilities. If you need bread you get it from someone who has produced it. Nothing is created out of thin air. We are dependent on each other, and our intellectual capabilities. Some are having more brainpower than others but nevertheless we all are in the same boat. All the work is needed; otherwise the system would not function. If there is no bread how to get the rest done?

There are only two basic ways to work: voluntarily or by force. The first is based on freedom and the second on fear and threat of violence. You can enslave people to work manually (i.e. mechanically) but it seldom works for tasks requiring innovation and creativity. Intellect cannot be forced—it is an act based on voluntary free choice. Therefore any society will first lose the efforts of its most capable and able, its prime motor—the future potential. This minority does not make much noise about itself. It acts like any individual who knows one’s worth and value. They merely walk away and find a place where they are appreciated or simply just stop creating altogether. Why bother and for what?