August 5, 2004

Like it’s said we are our worst enemy. To be more specific – it’s the truth. The truth about ourselves. We cannot stand it. This applies to people, states, governments, organisations and ideologies.

Through out the history people have been killed for their point of views. No matter whether it has been Socrates, inquisitions in the Middle Ages or today’s policital prisoners or limitations to the freedom of speech.

Everyone of us is continously doing something we do not like ourself. Most of the times we just ignore those parts of ourselves or simply do not see them. At least we actively try to hide or forget our not so perfect actions, deeds, thoughts or sayings. We get irritated and angry when the truth comes out. But we do not get angry to ourselves. We get angry to those who remind us about the truth. Test yourself next time someone is getting your blood level rising. Who would get angry of something that is not true?

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