Everyone is a few milliseconds away

May 12, 2020
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What’s more radical than getting rid of your company office?

Embracing the idea that almost everyone on this planet is just a few seconds away. We know this to be true conceptually, and the smartphone penetration is starting to reach everyone even in the poorest areas.

This is so fundamental and obvious but yet such a hard thing to act in real life. Having no company office makes it so obvious and plain simple that it’s impossible to deny.

Here it comes: why you’re not working as if the geographic distance has no relevance?

There are still language and cultural barriers but the same virtual marketing, sales and communication tools work for everyone. There’s no reason to favour someone just because they are a few kilometres away from you. Or limit your reach just because it’s convenient or familiar.

Segmentation and targeting are ever more important but the world is your oyster shall you accept the mission.

Truly virtual needs no physical.

What does that mean? That’s what we are finding out in this decade.