What not to do after quarantine

May 11, 2020
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We are getting gradually back from a tightly restricted life towards a hybrid situation. It’s easy to slip back into the old modes and act as nothing has changed.

The challenge is the largest with the old habits that are craving for a new itch. Are you back in the office, how’s the coffee machine?

Some of the gains and productivity progress achieved may have been temporary victories if they are not fought over. Habits take a long time to form and the lockdown period may not have been long enough for that.

Some companies have been preparing for this new normal by ensuring that they are not going back to the old ways. Google announced that its employees should be working remotely until the end of the year.

A more radical way would be to get rid of your office entirely. If there’s no office to go back to it is a clear signal of the change. People need to adapt and get comfortable with the new reality.

How can you make the changes visible? Invisible is hard to fight and resist. New normal requires something tangible, or a lack of something familiar like an office.

Maybe it’s time to find a new coffee machine in a location near you.