Who wants to travel anymore

May 13, 2020
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I’m not sure whether business travel was ever fun. In the early days, airlines served your meal in glassware, you could smoke or fly supersonic and the security checks where minimal compared to today’s standards.

Fewer people were travelling and the price points were higher. Now, we can get wifi and quieter planes but more cramped seats with short pitch.

This was the reality until 2020. Now, it may start to look like a mission to Mars.

This may be the turning point where air travel is something you are prepared to do for your holiday but not for a few business meetings. It’s not just worth the trouble. Twitter decided to go full-on remote mode forever.

The future of business travel may be more local and earthbound. It’s more comfortable to travel by car, train or boat in short hauls provided that you’re keeping within the green zones such as Baltics. Trust is a high currency now among people, nation-states, and companies.