What text did to voice virtual will do to IRL activities

May 18, 2020
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First we spoke, then we called, and then came texting. Now, it’s chatting and nobody uses voicemail. Yet, email is still around.

We still have something to say. The norms, how and when to communicate, change with times and customs. What was previously acceptable is abnormal now.

Video is taking over face-to-face meetings. A small step for a business person but a huge leap for all business practices.

My preferences have not changed much between attending an event and doing it virtually. The real issue is whether I consider it worthwhile.

Within this short sample period of few months it seems that there’s less value to attend some remote seminars in real-time since you’re more or less a spectator. In a physical event, you can mingle and the experience is richer. Online seminars are often available afterwards, and in 2-3x speed.

Yet, virtual is taking over the IRL activities. The user experience will get better and we will find ways to have the real-world benefits with technology. It’s still early days.