Warp speed and snail slow

May 14, 2020
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We are experiencing new things that were unexpected in a short period of time. This makes hours, days and weeks feel so long. Yet, it’s only a few months when it was just business as usual to attend conferences, hop in and out of countries and party like there’s no tomorrow in crowded venues.

Our reality seems to have been replaced by another backdrop but it has familiar features. Many of the things we are learning now to adapt into quickly are not new at all. The only difference is just the mass-acceptance rate.

In June 2007 I listed some of the new technologies and ways that were changing the way we did things. The names look very familiar and similar. Some of the products and companies did not last the test of time but many are still around and thriving. 

It takes perspective to see the real change and the actual speed. While you’re in the midst of it there is no relevant reference frame.

Sometimes it’s healthy to do short sprints and consciously do leaps that don’t feel natural. This is one of those times. What feels like a brave thing to do now seems obvious and lame in retrospect. It’s just a matter of perspective.