Virtual everything and virtual first strategy

May 15, 2020
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All business is bits and pieces of bytes. There may be some physical elements but the actual value is seldom tangible.

You may deliver something in atoms but the perceived value is something that happens within us. That’s subjective and emotional.

Your product may save money or increase productivity, or it brings joy.

Yet, no product lasts long if it is just producing something that has no emotional connection. This is where the digital and virtual first come in.

That’s where the value creation, story narrative, emotional connection and the perceived benefits happen.

If you are the master of your craft the expertise comes from your work, reputation and the way you do things (knowhow).

How does that happen when you’re not in close contact with your customers? You cannot meet-and-greet them face-to-face anymore. There’s no way to come and visit.

How do you signal and make the virtual your home domain? It has similarity to the familiar ways of communicating and building your narrative in physical.

But the rules are different. The Virtual world requires different techniques, tactics and approaches that you have to master.

Virtual everything and virtual first is something very serious and urgent. You cannot appreciate it fully unless you’re immersed into the new and unfamiliar. It takes courage and humility. Errors will be made and they are for all to see.

The alternative is even worse: to become irrelevant.