Ukrainian startup ecosystem

September 1, 2022

Andrew Zinchuk – TALKS WITH PETRI

Ukrainian investor and entrepreneur Andrew Zinchuk talks about what’s happening in the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, how things have evolved over the years and what’s expected to happen next. He also shares his insights into living and working in Ukraine during the war and where to find the best cocktails in town.


Andrew Zinchuk is a VC & an entrepreneur with extensive experience in all stages of a startup ecosystem. He’s the founder and general partner at ZAS Ventures. Previously, he was the managing director at a pre-team pre-idea startup incubator, and he has advised 100+ startups by acting as an advisor & mentor at Antler, Seedstars & Ukrainian Startup Fund.


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Episode notes

  • daily life in Ukraine
  • new vibrant ecosystem in the making
  • startups during the war
  • early-stage funding sources in Ukraine
  • startup war stories and traction in 2022
  • startup scene before ‘22
  • co-working spaces, communities, meetups
  • angel investors, pre-seed, and seed VCs
  • private equity and family offices
  • new startup funding initiatives
  • Ukrainian unicorns
  • crypto and blockchain scene
  • drone and other startups coming out of the war situation
  • Starlink
  • key startup locations
  • how Ukraine has changed in the last decades
  • IT employment market
  • Eastern European tiger
  • eGov and e-Residency in Ukraine
  • corruption and the current situation
  • civil society
  • judicial and tax reform
  • Ukrainian startups’ legal structure
  • safety, quality of life, price level, English language
  • Ukraine in five years

Episode links
Mariupol Unlost Hope (more info; use Google Translate for both)