The Design Thinking Toolbox and The Invincible Company

July 31, 2020
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When you ask from 2500 design thinking users about their favourite tools and methods the end result is a practical toolbox book. The Design Thinking Toolbox is easy-to-read and eye-candy that is fun to read and use. Design thinking focuses on finding human-centric solutions to customers’ needs and having a beginner’s mind that is open for new ideas, solutions and asking the right questions.  The idea is to find a balance between desirability, feasibility and economic viability in the solutions.

The book follows a 6-stage design thinking process: understand, observe, define the point of view, ideate, prototype, test and reflect. It’s an iterative process where the first three stages focus on the problem and the latter to the solution space. The process cycle is repeated multiple times and the purpose is to reduce risks, learn faster and come up with innovative solutions that are not just improvements to the existing ones.

The tools are presented with clear instructions, requirements and time estimates which makes them easy to test and experiment within your team or organisation.

The Invincible Company is the latest in the Strategyzer series focusing on innovations and new ideas for existing portfolios. This book complements the other books in the series and is geared towards more established companies that need to keep their company vibrant and reinventing themselves. The content works for entrepreneurs too since it has a dual-focus on exploration and exploitation. The first focusing on de-risking and building new and the latter utilising already working solutions better and new ways. The book is full of case examples from leading companies which makes it fun to read.

Both of these books are practical guides to help you to build better companies. They provide inspiration and ideas on how to tackle creative processes and tickle the right outcomes from your individual or team processes.