The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

November 13, 2020
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Eric Jorgenson has done a great service for all the millions of people who’re interested in Naval Ravikant’s thoughts and ideas.

The book’s subtitle A Guide to Wealth and Happiness is on the money. It collects a few decades of writings, tweets and other public appearances where Ravikant has shared his views on life, business, investing, and the purpose of everything.

There’s a lot to process. You can get a better understanding who’s the person behind the famous Twitter handle as Ravikant is known for many (a million followers in Twitter alone).

It enlightens the self-discovery journey that goes through hardships and out of the pressure comes gems that we can observe in many tweets and anecdotes that themselves do not reveal the process, the backstory and the experiences that have let to them.

Ravikant is a clear thinker that goes for the first principles. He is not afraid to forge his path that may not be that frequently travelled. It takes a lot of courage to publicly share views that may not be popular at the time when it’s easier to stay quiet.

This book is a great manual and guide to visit often. As any wisdom that passes the test of time, it is packed with practical tips, principles and takes on life regardless of where you’re in your personal (or professional) journey.