Tell stories with your voice

June 23, 2020
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I could have stopped writing already. It’s all in the title. But paradoxically people are looking for complex answers because people seem to think they are more sophisticated ones.

Really smart people appreciate and understand the beauty and wisdom in simplicity. In most of the cases, it just means that they have already traversed the harder route, and now have the experience.

Are you still reading? Good, I’m writing this to you.

How do you build a brand? How do you market your product? How do you sell your solutions?

You tell stories with your voice.

People relate to stories. They are memorable and relatable. They are easier to remember. They are easier to pass forward and explain. They are entertaining and fun. They simply work.

Your voice makes it personal. It’s your take on the matters and your point of view. It makes it unique and special. It is your story. It is our narrative, plot and adventure. Tell it your way. Include others to your journey and make it a cause worth joining. Something bigger than your company or personal mission. People love to belong to something they can connect to and contribute towards something worthwhile.

If you think your company, brand or character is beyond stories the chances are that you’re not that successful. Or maybe you have not yet found your voice. It’s not a competition. There is no deadline or endpoint. You can take your time but the world is not holding its breath either.

Don’t wait too long. The story is never finished. There is no point waiting for it to be perfect. The only way to tell good stories is to deliver them often and for many people. Practise makes it routine. And routine makes it easier to focus on the most important things. You can focus on the message and its impact on people.

This is the decade of voice. Starting using yours.