Say hi and be present

June 17, 2020
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This has been a really hard year for many (and still 6 months to go!). You may not see it from the outside. People are good at keeping appearances or it’s not just in their nature to show things.

Entrepreneurship is always hard. Now, it’s just extra hard. Keep that in mind when you’re communicating and interacting with people. You don’t know what they are going through.

It may not be about the business. It may be something in their personal life or some other hardship they are facing.

There are different levels of uncertainty and tolerance for hardship. Some people will sharpen their focus and thrive when in a tough spot. Others may become deer in the headlights, and show erratic behaviour.

When have you called someone? Or just listened or showed that you are there for them by small acts of kindness or with your presence.

If you have nothing else to say you can thank people. It’s usually not wasted.

Vulnerability is also a good thing to a certain extent that you are not some mythical superhero somewhere. You’re a human being and people can speak with you.

Stefan Björkman

Physical distancing builds many barriers and the spontaneous interactions are fewer this year. You need to make a conscious effort to reach out and be visible.

People may forget the facts but they always remember how they felt. Tough times are good times for building meaningful relationships and starting new ventures.