Purpose ‘n Clarity

November 15, 2021
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I have released a new podcast series called Purpose ‘n Clarity. This will be me talking and focused on the growth company related issues, challenges, tips and insights.

Talks with Petri continues as before but I felt that the new format allows me to express more of the experiences and thoughts since I have not been writing too much lately.

For now, I’m planning to release a weekly episode but this might change in the future. I’m happy to take requests and questions since it’s the interaction that inspires me to share more.

The first two episodes are out now and the show is available on most of the distribution platforms available (let me know if I have missed some).


Why does your company exist? What are the advantages of having a clearly defined purpose? What’s the difference between mercenary and missionary founders?

This episode is jam-packed with meaningfulness, but it may also tickle you to dive deeper into the topic.

The impossible
Business bullies
What, how and who
The work
Marketing and sales silver bullets
Revenue vs dilution