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December 21, 2021

Pierre Stanislas – TALKS WITH PETRI

Pierre Stanislas talks about finding opportunities in unexpected places, how to become insurtech leader and make waves with side projects. He also shares insights into the future of Clubdeck and web3 audio platforms.


Pierre Stanislas is the CEO & co-founder of Wilov, and a co-founder of Clubdeck. He has worked in finance for 15 years (London & Paris), advising institutional clients on their strategy. In parallel, and just for fun, Pierre has developed and launched mobile apps in various fields such as gaming, social media, culture or sport, some of which have been downloaded by several thousand users. Passionate about sailing, music and martial arts, he has also written two novels in his spare time. Pierre holds an MSc from Ecole Centrale Paris.

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Episode notes

  • happy accidents and serendipitous business life
  • the math genius trading exotic options
  • side projects while having a corporate career
  • trendsetting with Twitter
  • a side project makes waves and gets an acquisition offer
  • Clubhouse and its impact
  • content creation with audio and where it’s heading
  • low latency live audio on a global scale
  • building Clubdeck
  • traction without marketing
  • Tech News around the World by Tyler Crowley
  • new content and knowledge back catalogue in making
  • streaming on multiple live platforms
  • an indirect validation and community support for the product
  • Spotify Greenroom and Twitter Spaces
  • Greenroom’s launch failure but solid tech
  • Twitter Spaces’ technological limitations
  • Clubdeck’s future
  • decentralised web3 audio platform
  • insurtech and founding Wilow
  • an app-only product has advantages
  • design choices shape your business decisions and processes
  • early days bold business decisions
  • pay when you drive and ecological implications
  • aligning user incentives with your business model
  • turning legal requirements into revenue opportunities
  • monetary motivations can drive word of mouth
  • App store featuring as a significant marketing boost
  • corporate VCs as your investors
  • turning a boring business area into something appealing
  • choosing which opportunities to pursue when you have plenty
  • big in Japan for 15 minutes

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