Noise filtering

May 20, 2020
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When everybody can knock on your door you don’t open the door to anyone anymore.

This happens to all our communication channels. If there’re no physical vacuum cleaners at your door there are people offering you unique investment opportunities via postal mail, phone calls, text messages, emails and various social media messaging systems.

The end result is always the same. We zone out. Who answers their phone from unknown numbers anymore? While at it who actually calls anymore J

Coronavirus has put us all knocking at each other’s doors in new and innovative manners. Everybody needs to do their business but it’s hard to do that digitally without physical interactions in some cases.

This increases the volume and noise. It’s not just uninvited guests in your Zoom-calls but 360 around your virtual doors.

This makes trusted relationships and warm introductions ever more important. We need to start navigating the world via trusted lines. The private personal networks need to be established in a manner that allows us to expand and create new relationship virtually and thru the noise.

It may also be worthwhile to consider whether we should lower our firewalls a notch. We are all learning to communicate and reach out to people in this new situation. Not all people are trying to scam you.

Physical distancing should not make us socially distant and unavailable. If you have ideas how to do that elegantly I’m happy to hear your thoughts.