Growth hacking with gamification

March 10, 2022


Niels Bosma talks about doing marketing with a technical background, automating your workflows and what happens when friends become co-founders in the same company.


Niels Bosma is a passionate growth hacker, product developer and angel investor. He builds growth engines.

His latest venture is Filestar that is revolutionising how people work with their files. He is also a co-founder of Offerta and Tessin, which is Scandinavia’s first and largest platform for real estate financing. Niels loves to do side projects such as SeoTools for Excel. He is also an avid mountain biker.

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Episode notes

  • leaving early as a startup founder
  • influence vs. titles
  • automation as a part of your workflow
  • growth hacking and SEO
  • long-tail landing pages
  • automated Youtube videos
  • long-tail traffic as a part of the business model
  • fully automated Adwords campaigns
  • fast development response to demand
  • marketing is very technical now
  • CTO and CMO
  • backtracking marketing expenditure
  • start early with SEO
  • quantity vs quality in content
  • reuse your content
  • open-source intelligence
  • lead engines and prospecting
  • sales gamification
  • culture building
  • transparency
  • recruitment with the team
  • student training program
  • developing own talents
  • friends as co-founders
  • take funding or not?

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