New Layout and Comments Welcome

July 24, 2008

You may have noticed that I changed the look-and-feel of the site. I’m happy to hear your comments and feedback!

Hopefully the site is now more approachable and it is easier to browse through different articles and categories. Currently there are over 200 articles and posts that are ready to be discovered. You can explore them by checking the different categories by topic or month (right navigation), using keywords in the search box (top navigation bar), or browsing tags that can be found at the end of each article together with the tag cloud in the right navigation bar (there is also a complete tag cloud which might be a handful at first).

I decided to give a try to the comment feature. Previously it was turned off and that’s the reason for the current status of ‘no comments’. So when you see an article without comments consider it as an invitation to share and get the discussion going!

If you like to get the site updates via email just fill in your email-address in the right navigation bar and hit the ‘subscribe’ button  or you can use the RSS feed (RSS explained by Problogger).

BTW, have you visited Fragments of Reality in Facebook?

Ohh, I almost forgot. Now you can email an article by clicking the mail icon below the article title. Next to the email button there is also a print feature  that adjust the page for printing. And what about the small icons below each article? They are the social media buttons you can use to post  articles on Digg, Facebook, StumpleUpon, and many other sites. If you don’t find your favourite social media button you can also share the content by using the ‘Bookmark’ button in the right navigation bar which have more options.

If you have any questions or comments you can always drop me a mail.