Motion is not progress

June 22, 2020
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A restless mind keeps the body in motion.  If you don’t know where you’re heading any road will do.

Human nature prefers movement to no action. It’s secondary that the very action can be counterproductive or even harmful. Just observe politics.

There are so many ways this can manifest in your life. In a business setting, it’s easy to focus on processes and internal things or just do admin. They are things that have their time and place. They can give you a sense of fulfilment, purpose and getting things done feeling.

Something has been done but in comparison to what and at what cost? What could you have done instead? The opportunity cost is invisible and non-tangible compared to the accomplished items in your to-do list.

Hard things are either hard decisions or they are new things. Learning something new, throwing yourself into something unfamiliar and strange is painful. You feel vulnerable and disorientated. It’s hard to start and even harder to figure out exactly what to do.

Welcome to human experience and progress. Startups do it on a daily basis. They have to or otherwise they will be dead or become living zombies. There are so many of those around, too. Zombies are afraid to live by exploring the unknown so they are haunting in the familiar and just hovering around.

Motion is a great excuse and illusionist. It gives you a sense of accomplishment but leaves you cold in the results. Choose your metrics wisely and observe the output. If you find yourself lacking it means that the opportunity cost has become visible and it’s whispering in your ear instead.

Stillness enables to act when needed. Motion is good when you’re doing the right things.

Quality over quantity. Results over actions. Deeds over talks. Just do it, right.

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