Just think

May 29, 2020
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A playbook is what it says it is. Someone is playing on you. It’s a pattern that worked in a specific context. Yours is not the same.

You can learn from history but you cannot repeat it. What was once unique is common now. Most of the things work only for the first few times.

This is the hard lesson. It’s so easy to follow others and just copy-paste. It brings comfort to use something others have found working. Contrarian is a lonely feeling. Exploring requires stamina and strong skin.

Or you can just be curious, playful and accept that you’re going to do a lot of hits and misses till you make it. The iterative process teaches what is working and in which direction to take the next step.

Tones and I just four months before her record deal and one year before hitting 1 billion views on Youtube:

YouTube player

This applies to marketing, product development, go-to-market or any other area of your business. It’s not hard but requires knowing what you want to achieve and why. It requires questioning everything and be humble to listen to the signals. You may also look funny or weird till you make it.

Usually helps if you have some people to spar or iterate the process to speed up the results.