Disillusionment and bias

October 15, 2020
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Apollo space shuttles were pretty primitive with their computers. Most of the calculations were done on Earth with mainframes and only the instructions were carried out on-board.

Humans are even worse. Where’s our mainframe? We are only doing edge computing with few data points that are skewed and riddled with all types of biases.

We are operating with limited data and operational instructions. The difference between success and failure is often not in more data but in more accurate acknowledgement of the limitations themselves.

It can be called humility. It can be called honesty or openness. It has many faces and ways but the underlying theme is the same. The better you appreciate the fact that you’re operating with a very limited mental model that does not reflect too closely the reality the better off you are.

It keeps you sensitive to adapt and adjust your behaviour based on conflicting or new information. Continuous learning and curiosity help to become more accustomed to changes, and humility keeps the ego in reins: you’re not your beliefs.

Any longer-term venture is full of hardship. You start walking with conviction and the journey teaches you the ropes as you progress. The more rigid your approach the easier it is to train-wreck your mission.

The trick is to keep your North Star but be flexible how you get there and even when you arrive there.

The biggest battle happens inside yourself.