Decoded and Selling in a Crisis

November 13, 2022
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Common sense does not apply to marketing. People are not rational and how we make decisions is also a black box that results in over 80 % of new products failing.

If you think you’re a seasoned professional and you have a good grasp of what happens in the market think again. Your perception is minuscule and biased to your frame of reference. Something may have worked in the past but you don’t really know why. We cannot test causalities with human action.

All is not lost. There’s a lot of research from neurosciences to economics and behavioural sciences that help to understand our perception and decision-making. Decoded gives tools with case studies that help to make better marketing decisions and build products that speak to their customers.

Selling in a Crisis is a good reminder of the basics. There have always been difficult times and people have survived them. It takes a different mindset, resilience and focus to close sales when everything around you is falling apart and nobody is in the buying mood. Jeb Blount has put together a seller’s guide where you can pick a mantra of the day or just get some pep talk that gets you through the day.