Create magical experiences

June 16, 2020
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What are the everyday products that leave you in awe? That’s the feeling of pure wow, omg – a perfect bliss. You know when you have it.

You also know when you don’t have it. It’s very common to be in the between zone where the needle doesn’t move in any direction. Everything is just plain and so forgettable. We forget to tell others, notice and even recognise ourselves what we are doing.

That’s not the place where you want to be with your company and its products. You want to delight your customers and make them happy. It’s not about costs, it’s not about limited resources.

It’s all about passion, culture, commitment, creativity and intention to provide the best for others. To make them enjoy the experience, make their life easier and make their lives better.

Always go for the magic!

You don’t have to be exceptional everywhere…but be solid good throughout, and then be magical in places

Elias Aalto

A little bit of fairy dust does wonders. It’s like a spontaneous compliment and smile. It just works, and make you tolerate better the things that are not optimal. You earn user credits and goodwill points. You’re forgiven a lot.

First, you have to earn those points. That’s the tricky part. Most of the products never reach that level. They work and get the job done. Full period, yawn, and finally, swipe left.

Attention to detail, good user experience, listening to your customers, learning and being in love with the user benefits, not the ways of achieving them, are some of the ingredients for the magical touch.

There are so many products that I have wanted to love but they just aren’t there, and eventually, I have just given up on them. You cannot will your way to something. Rationally, it may make perfect sense but in total it’s not a full-hearted solution.

Our world would look totally different if we would just go for the just-good-enough. It’s not a target but the end result. Aim for the magical.