June 18, 2020
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Nobody admits they are not open-minded. Everybody states that they are happy to take constructive criticism.

It’s no different from the statistics where the majority of the drivers say they are better than average drivers.

You can hear me but are you listening? There is a huge difference between those two. Did you just read the last sentences or did you understand what I just said?

Coachable people are willing to learn. They have the inner drive to become better. They admit they are not perfect but they are willing to do the work to improve.

They are curious and open to improvements. They admit their shortcomings. It does not mean that they like the process any more than the next person.

It’s never fun to take criticism or hear that you suck. But what’s worse? Accepting it and trying to do better next time or not hearing about it and keeping on doing the same things day-in and day-out?

Coachability is partly a choice. There are a lot of things bundled together to make it genuinely work. You can accept and acknowledge the feedback. That’s fine but if you’re not acting upon it nothing changes.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that the latter results you doing things differently. You change your behaviour and act differently.

Coachable people are sensitive to external signals. They are reading the environment, situations and looking for signals. They are learning and improving all the time.

They are adapting and open to big changes if necessary. Their ego is not tied to their opinions or their legacy. They can admit and accept the facts and decide to change course if needed.

It takes courage, humility, self-knowledge and self-awareness. Listen and learn.