Welcome to the new season

September 6, 2020
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The new business season has started. I have been Hopin to many short matchmaking meetings already (Uppstart being the latest). IRL events feel so last season already (too soon?)

New Youtube-channel

This is the official opening post of my Youtube-channel. It starts modestly with little content but I have big plans! If you want to show a little love to the channel check it out and click the subscribe button. It will help me to unlock certain Youtube-features that are tied to the subscription numbers.

Talks with Petri -podcasting frequency

The release frequency is now biweekly. I have released over 20 episodes since starting a few months back. Thank you for listening and sending me feedback as well as sharing the episodes with others. The show is getting more listeners every week and I’m so happy to see that you find the content valuable.

Send me your feedback and questions

Keep me in the loop and send me feedback (even anonymously). You can ask business questions that you would like me to cover either in a blog post, video or in some other format. These can be comments, your thoughts, pressing questions or tips.

(Here’s a practise question I would like to hear your thoughts: video/audio transcripts – are they useful? I have been publishing them for every podcast episode. I even have them for the below video (only as captions for now). Would you find video transcript as a blog post useful and if so, how much would you pay to get that feature?)

Business disruption in 2020 (do you still have a business model?)

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Early 2020 kick-started business disruption. If you were not digital-first business already do you still have a business model?

I will talk about the digital disruption and adapting to change in this decade. Many of the consequences take longer to become evident but you should be aware of them now, and act immediately.

Topics (timestamp links go to Youtube).
00:00 Do you still have a business?
00:07 Disruption example
00:45 The current situation
01:53 Customer behaviour
02:25 The new reality
03:37 How to adapt to changes
05:25 Question everything
06:46 Disruption example, part two
08:50 Future of business conferences*

*The podcast episode mentioned in this video will be released on the 13th of September, 2020.