Books to read

August 7, 2020
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If you are looking for inspiration or need to learn more about a specific topic I have good news. I composed a few lists of recommended books.

They are in different categories and also in order that either is for more basics and general view first and later going on for more in-depth and advanced topics.

These are not exclusive and ultimate lists but rather recommendations that I have found useful and something that I’m asked often about.

The startup funding books I used in my startup finance undergrad course. The mindfulness category derives from the sub-category around my book, Fragments of Reality, since it is more a practical workbook and does not have an accompanying intro book (I intended to write it later but so far haven’t done it).

Business and non-fiction lists are generic in nature.

For most of the books I have also written a book review, and they are available on my website (either in English or Finnish).

I put together some recommendations for other products as well. Take them with a grain of salt since everybody’s use case is different. Yet, they are the ones I’m using and in many cases there has been a careful evaluation and selection process behind them.