Baby steps every day

June 4, 2020
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The big secret in achieving big wins is simple. You just put one foot in front of the other and keep repeating it.

You do tiny course corrections and improvements in very short intervals. Any single step does not sound like much but when you add all them together you realise you have reached the peak.

This is why it often takes a decade to become an overnight success. And this is the secret to the competitiveness, too. You can copy the outset but you cannot copy the experience.

The process teaches you a lot and gives you a unique perspective that is hard if not impossible to reverse-engineer.

Continuous improvement is neither a new thing nor a very exciting concept. Yet, it is like compound interest. So easy to grasp but so difficult to comprehend and follow in practice.

The path is not linear even though it’s often smoothened out after the fact in the success stories that are told later.

Who wants to go for a ride where you don’t know where it ends, what happens in the middle or when you have arrived?