Management by Ignorance

Elections are coming in many countries so it is fruitful to remind both the candidates and the voters how the system works.

The receipt for the power hungry and ignorant is the following.

Firstly, create an abstract system that is superior to any individual and call it something good in general. A state will do if you cannot come up with anything else.

Secondly, impose some rules and regulations that are forcible by violence in case of disobedience when necessary. By the rules and laws take away from the individuals their basic rights and sovereignty to the point that they will not directly exhaust under them. Don’t bother with minorities (individual is the smallest), just make sure that the majority is behind you. Naturally a large part of the regulations are to collect massive amounts of wealth from the population for unspecified common good and welfare of the people.

Thirdly, let the people select some individuals to represent themselves and let these individuals form parties if they like. Obviously these individuals are paid by the state and they are not responsible of their actions to anyone, the least to any individual who has elected them. To elect a representative once in a few years is a great privilege itself and it will suffice. After all, it’s the people who have elected all the representatives and thus they are responsible of their actions as well.

Fourthly, hire state officials and a ruling elite to run the state. Since they are paid by the state they are objective and keep only the good of the people in mind. Give posts for intellectuals in order that they become dependent on the state. This ensures that the majority will back the state.

Fifthly, let the state officials and the intellectuals to come up with more rules and regulations. After all the state is about managing the people, for its own good. Impose also strict penalties for breaking these rules. Enroll a substantial amount of bureaucrats to monitor the overall system and make them write studies and reports. Measure the productivity and demand ever more paper work and red tape in order to keep the system busy and inflated. This is the state’s shop front and thus it has to look busy and efficient.

Sixthly, start to utilise the confiscated wealth for special purposes and privileges benefiting some minority groups (i.e. individuals or entities) defined and decided either by the current majority or by the state officials. Make sure that the decision criteria are flexible in order to adjust for ever-changing circumstances and situations. This is the prime motor of the state apparatus: take away rights in general (be innovative) and provide special exceptions, privileges, subsidies and permissions to few. This creates the prestige and the continuous need for consulting with state officials.

Seventhly, endorse the necessity and great achievements of the state apparatus. Make clear that everything done by the state is for the well-being of the people and the state itself is totally unselfish. Do not forget to add that it is very hard and difficult to take care of everyone’s welfare and thus the current budget is to be enlarged in the future.

Eighthly, create a lot of public debate how some minor portions of the budget should be allocated and to whom. This will keep the public busy and the larger budget moments can be allocated smoothly to the interest groups lobbying and providing the best possible leverage.

Ninthly, favour the majority by budget allocations and promises of better future. Praise the poor and the people dependent on the state aids and state support. Frown the wealthy, rich and those of individual type. Contrast them to the non-profit status and common good of state that is not selfishly focusing on its own interest but the welfare of all. Increase the tax burden in order to make it difficult if practically impossible to become wealthy and thus financially independent of the state. The already rich are only interested to maintain their status and thus they are nothing to worry about.

Tenthly, if there are some domestic problems and public concerns about the justifications and actions of the state blame everyone else but the state (e.g the business cycle, global trade, bad weather, difficult circumstances).

And the bonus: use the opportunities created by the lobbyist, business and most of all the flexible legislation for personal wealth on top of the good pay and perks provided by the state.

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