but for what?

Something great and unique,
something noble and unselfish,
for a greater cause,
without any benefits or recognition,
for the one?

That’s something humble, opposite of pride.

Pride derives from lesser qualities
and needs for self-appraisal.
A quest for higher perception and
recognition for the actions,
deeds, that otherwise would be left
without a notice.

Pride is there where the subject
is more important than the object.
The process is preferred for
the outcome.

The one who just is,
do not need to acknowledge,
oneself for the others.
It’s enough to be
and just do.
The results speaks for themselves
and even them are not important.

No one to show off,
no one to see.
The prize for the humble,
but curse for the pride.

Masters never brag,
they simply are.
The ones who lack,
fill the gap,
by empty talk.

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